Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Saturday Aug 11th

we will meet at the intersection of S. Wilson and San Pasqual St. in front of CalTech.,-118.125266&sspn=0.092781,0.161018&z=17&ll=34.137534,-118.127189&spn=0.005799,0.010064&om=1
be there at 10:00 am.
SATURDAY NIGHT will be the make up class
sorry for the last minute change.
we will meet on the top of the parking garage between Fair Oaks and Raymond next to Blick Art Supply. we will be painting night scenes, so we will meet at 8:00 PM. if you have a laptop, bring it. it's the best way to capture the values.
here's the google map address. see you there. ignore the green arrow on the google map. that's just the center of Pasadena.,+ca&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=34.145189,-118.149955&spn=0.004164,0.010815&om=1

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Saturday August 4th

we have a treat this week. we going to paint at Malibu Creek State Park. it's really cool and if you're a Planet of the Apes fan (original) they filmed a lot of it here when it was the 20th Century Fox movie ranch.
this is the week BEFORE we turn in the portfolios for grading. we'll meet at 10:30 am, it's about an hour from Pasadena.,-95.677068&sspn=35.494074,69.873047&ie=UTF8&ll=34.097129,-118.714839&spn=0.004531,0.012048&t=h&z=17&om=1
drive to the SECOND parking lot (pictured here) next to the restrooms and vending machines. as always, print outs of the homework. if you've been doing this all term putting together the portfolio will be a snap. bring lunch. parking is $8-10 i believe.